Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Music Acts on Colbert Report

The Daily Show has had musical performances from the White Stripes and (ewwwwww) Coldplay. The Colbert Report has had REM, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Peter Frampton, Carole King, John Legend and Tony Bennett perform. But later this month the Colbert Report will add some more artists to the list.

Here's the rundown (from AP courtesy of NPR):
July 16 - Rush
July 23 - Nas
July 28 - Toby Keith
July 30 - Crosby, Stills and Nash

Rush has apparently not been on t.v. in the US since 1975. They made some pretty cool records. But, of course, prog rock always edged toward the self-important ("Hey, isn't this genius?") aesthetic which left behind rock 'n' roll and indulged in the least engaging aspects of the end of the psychedelic era (which is why punk was so needed in the seventies). Still, Rush did create some good records and they are really good musicians. I look forward to seeing them on the Colbert Report.

Meanwhile, Nas has a new record out, "Untitled." His political stance is more apparent than ever and, despite some inconsistent reviews and my having given up on hip-hop about five years ago, I own a few of his records and will probably end up picking it up somewhere. Plus, a person who can make a reporter cringe is always great. Here's a video of him and his oh-so-beautiful wife, Kelis (who quotes a John Lennon song), on CNN:

Also, this was before he changed the name of his record.

Toby Keith is a drag, but for some reason Stephen Colbert loves him and will have him on again. Blah!

And Crosby, Stills and Nash should be pretty good. I imagine Colbert will end up singing with them (as he is so apt to do).

Finally, this is from an earlier performance by Robert Schneider of the Apples in Stereo with a great song about Colbert himself:

For more information on the Colbert Report (like just about anything you could ever want to know), you should head on over to No Fact Zone.

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