Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My Ten Favorite Contemporary Bands of the Moment

I know I have posted mostly about music from the sixties, but my tastes do actually go beyond that decade. So I think I will put up a purely subjective, constantly rotating list of my favorite bands from today. Maybe you will like one of them! I do have good tastes...after...all...

1) The Coral: Pretty much unable to gain much of a footing in the US, these guys are doing well elsewhere. However, one of their songs "Dreaming of You" has been popular because of it's use on Scrubs a few years ago. Their latest album, Roots & Echoes, is more mellow and pretty than their previous efforts, but retains the nice, retro sound.
Latest Album: Roots & Echoes
Best Album: Roots & Echoes

2) The Apples in Stereo: Over the years there have been various bands who have tried to recreate the magic and wonder of sixties psych-pop bands like the Beach Boys and the Beatles. The Apples in Stereo have come the closest. Plus, they (in the form of singer/guitarist Robert Schneider) were featured on the Peabody Award-winning Colbert Report. A most prestigious of gigs, indeed.
Latest Album: New Magnetic Wonder
Best Album: The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone

3) The Black Hollies: I saw them at SXSW earlier this year and they were my favorite act. I already wrote about their new record, which is very good.
Latest Album: Casting Shadows
Best Album: Casting Shadows

4) Mathematicians: THE BEST LIVE BAND TODAY. I do not even know how to describe them. Some parts synth-punk, post punk, hip hop and nerdiness. Like an aggressive Devo on acid and steroids. And they are really nice guys. You can not really hear what they are saying in the video, but I wanted you to see what a live Mathematicians show is like.
Latest Album: Level Two
Best Album: Level One

5) The White Stripes: Even though Jack White is busy running around with the Raconteurs, the White Stripes remain one of my favorite bands. Who knows if they are going to make another record? What I do know is bands from Detroit are awesome. And there were a lot of people who did not like their last record (though I did).
Latest Album: Icky Thump
Best Album: White Blood Cells

6) The Chesterfield Kings: I know they started in the 80's, but these days the Chesterfield Kings are making music that is way beyond what they used to do. Instead of just a garage rock revival sound, they now have incorporated better production and a psychedelic sound.
Latest Album: Psychedelic Sunrise
Best Album: The Mindbending Sounds of The Chesterfield Kings

7) Ween: An immensely strange band that makes music that is all over the place. If the Beatles "White Album" was in itself a band today, they would be Ween.
Latest Album: La Cucaracha
Best Album: The Mollusk

8) The Kills: Another band I saw at SXSW and was impressed with. And another two person, minimalistic garage band. Kind of dirty, but in a cool way.
Latest Album: Midnight Boom
Best Album: Midnight Boom

9) Len Price 3: Not only do they sound like the second coming of the Kinks and early Who, but how about awesome music videos as part of the package? That is what you get with these guys, fun records and good videos. Also, there is nobody named Len Price in the band.
Latest Record: Rentacrowd
Best Record: Rentacrowd

10) Outrageous Cherry: With a name as cool as Outrageous Cherry, how could they be anything but cool? Well, they are. But the biggest question should be: Why do I keep putting an "i" in "outrageous" as I'm typing? I do not know the reason. Anyway, power pop, psych-pop, it's all good.
Latest Album: Stay Happy
Best Album: Supernatural Equinox

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