Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Track of the Week: Can't Seem to Make You Mine by The Seeds

In this segment I will pick a track to highlight that I believe to be beyond cool. Hopefully I will be able to match it up with a decent cover. That way you can compare the songs and see the different approaches to the same song. Usually the original will be better. Sometimes a cover will outdo it. Either way, I hope you enjoy some of the music I think you should listen to.

This week you get "Can't Seem to Make You Mine" by The Seeds. I recently heard the song in an Axe Bodyspray commercial. Sad, because I despise the stupid Axe ads, but cool because maybe somebody will hear a cool song and decide to look into it.

On Vinyl

Remember when everything seemed like the end of the world, even though 16 or 17 is not even close to being the end? The Seeds capture that feeling better than anyone else has done. I would describe the song as an attempt at soul music by an angst-y teenager who loved soul, but is not that great of a singer. Both the singer and the guitar sound like they are on the verge of crying. Meanwhile the keys sound like a musical rain shower. The sounds combine to make a cocktail of sadness. Of course, unlike the great soul singers, Seeds singer Sky Saxson has a voice that is not nearly as strong and, therefore, not as sure. There is desperation, but not the multi-layered set of emotions that an Otis Redding or Smokey Robinson is able to express. That is what makes the song great. It is the ultimate in teenage forlorn love songs. And the ultimate in garage rock.

On American Bandstand

Garbage Cover

That sounds like I called the band Garbage's version garbage! It is pretty good actually.

The Tracks
Can't Seem to Make You Mine by The Seeds
Can't Seem to Make You Mine by Ramones
Can't Seem to Make You Mine by Garbage

Coming up in the next three weeks: Summertime, Summertime Blues and Stand By Me.

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