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Review: The Coathangers "Coathangers" [2007]

I like rock 'n' roll. I like cute girls. Therefore, I like cute girls who like rock 'n' roll. The only thing better would be a garage band consisting of cute girls. This is very sexist and probably racist. But that band exists and they call themselves the Coathangers.

So, what is the best a band created just for fun (without having much experience playing their instruments) could possibly do? The Coathangers answer that question on their self-titled LP. While simple and without any hint of being anything but for fun, "Coathangers" adds a post-punk vibe to the contemporary garage rock scene.

People have been describing the Coathangers in terms of riot grrrl punk and the like, but really they are essentially the Monks with less attention to musicianship (in this case not an insult as they play well enough). Like the Monks the (often sarcastic) lyrics are not as important as the way they are manically yelled out. Neither band will have their singing described as "pretty". Song composition is less important than banging out a very strong rhythm in a short amount of time (most songs are under 2:30).

Songs like "Tonya Harding" not only have a danceable groove, but are funny (She was never cool with Nancy / Now they'll never be best friends).

Tonya Harding


Coathangers Live

Songs such as "Don't Touch My Shit!" sum up the what the Coathangers are about. Yell out the title for nearly two minutes because that is pretty much as far as you can take that sentiment (as anybody who has had a roommate knows). It bears a striking resemblance to the Monks' "I Hate You" where they just repeat the same few lines repeatedly, desperately about some girl. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.

And they managed to record the GREATEST SONG EVER: "Nestle in My Boobies." Again, I'm sexist and a terrible person. But c'mon! Boobies! In a song!

Here is an interview with the band.

Track List
  1. Why This Record (Intro)
  2. Tonya Harding
  3. Wreckless Boy
  4. Haterade
  5. A Real Honey
  6. Shut the Fuck Up
  7. Parking Lot
  8. Buckhead Betty
  9. Don't Touch My Shit!
  10. Roll Dem Dice
  11. Parchezzi
  12. Where the Hell Were You?
  13. Fatty Pad
  14. Nestle in My Boobies
  15. Bloody Shirt
  16. The Missing Letter
  17. Larger Success (Outro)

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