Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rolling Stone 500: Touch by Eurythmics [1983]

Making lists is hard. So when Rolling Stone made a list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time, it was never going to please everyone. Now, I'm going to listen to each one and write about it. The end. Or beginning.

The first album on Rolling Stone's list is the Eurythmics' "Touch." Now, it came out in the early 80's and certainly sounds like the time. With that in mind, I have to say about half the songs have aged poorly. But the ones that are good are really, really good.

It starts off with the hit "Here Comes the Rain Again." I remember hearing this song on the radio in the early 90's and liking it. Music in the eighties seems cold to me. The synthesizers and drum machines make this song seem like it was made for some world populated by robots. Was the 80's all about a passionless, robot future? But the harmonies and strings in "Here Comes the Rain Again" adds a bit of warmth and creates a bit of a departure from being totally bleak.

Aside from that song, "Regrets" is fine, but goes on for 2:45 too long. The other songs are also fine for 80's music. Maybe they haven't aged as well as "Here Comes the Rain Again." Still, they are interesting and dancy, even with sometimes depressed lyrics. Oh, and "Right by Your Side" is a nice little, not depressing, ditty, which benefits from nice guitar and horns.
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