Monday, December 21, 2009

Rolling Stone 500: (491) All the Young Dudes by Mott the Hoople [1972]

Everybody knows Mott the Hoople for their big hit, the title track from All the Young Dudes. But, you know, it's like, man, they made more than one song that just happened to be used in a popular movie. So based on that one song I was pretty excited to listen to Mott the Hoople's 1972 release. Expectations were almost impossibly high because "All the Young Dudes" is so good.

The story goes that the band wanted to break up, but David Bowie gave them "All the Young Dudes" and produced the album. And even though the song is and remains amazing, the rest of the album is top notch 1970's rock 'n' roll, a.k.a. classic rock. Much of it sounds like the Rolling Stones did during the same time period (also the last time the Stones would make listenable music).

Friday, December 11, 2009

Rolling Stone 500: (492) Vitalogy by Pearl Jam [1994]

Cover of "Vitalogy"Cover of Vitalogy
While I have never been a huge Pearl Jam fan (I don't dislike them though) and only knew one song from Number 492, Vitalogy was interesting and good. From my "research," i.e. a quick Google search, most reviewers saw it as an experimental album. The songs do span some differing sounds, for sure, but considering my preference for 60's psychedelic music, it did not seem to be all that experimental.