Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Track of the Week: Soul Kitchen by The Doors

Have you ever just gotten tired of a band, stopped listening to their music for awhile and then stumbled upon them again, rediscovering why you loved them? That happened to me a couple of weeks ago with the Doors. But sort of in a way roundabout way.

My brother started listening to a band, X-Japan, and wouldn't stop talking about them. I was not really impressed, but I remembered some hullabaloo on the page for the punk band X on Last.FM. Some of X-Japan's tracks were on the page and people were arguing which band was better. I like the punk X, but I had stopped listening to them for, maybe, six months. So I pulled out their music and started discovering songs I had heard before but for some reason just glossed over. One of the songs was drawn to was, "Soul Kitchen." I knew the song from somewhere and finally realized it is a Doors cover. That led me to start listening to the Doors again and, wouldn't you know, I found why I used to listen to them all the time!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Rolling Stone 500: (490) Entertainment! by Gang of Four [1979]

Gang of Four's offering from 1979, Entertainment!, is in the early lead to be my favorite record of the first fifth of Rolling Stone's list. So much funk and weirdness! They throw in some political/social commentary; the end result being an amazing record that makes you think and dance. But not me. I don't dance (or think either). A lot of this reminds me of Wire's first record, Pink Flag; a record I love. It does not have the varying sounds that record has however.