Monday, August 15, 2011

Track of the Week: High School by The MC5

Cover of "Back in the Usa"Cover of Back in the UsaThis week's track takes us back to 1970. The MC5 released their second record, Back in the USA. This was also their first studio album, as Kick Out the Jams was a live recording. The song itself is very straight-forward basic rock 'n' roll. A song about high school. The most basic rock 'n' roll you can get. I went to watch Rock 'n' Roll High School at the Plaza Classic Film Festival last week and I was pleasantly surprised to remember how much I liked "High School!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Track of the Week: Life's a Gas by T. Rex

Electric Warrior
I obviously love T. Rex's 1971 record, Electric Warrior. My tumblr is named after a lyric from "Mambo Sun." But this week's track of the week comes toward the end of the album and is the opposite of "Mambo Sun." Whereas the opening track is about wanting to be with a girl, "Life's a Gas" is about what happens when things go wrong. It is pretty straight forward and similar to the Temptation's "Can't Get Next to You" lyrically during the verses. You have loving a girl like a planet, chaining a heart to a star, building houses, placing love in the sky, and on and on.