Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Track of the Week: Wishes and Stars by Harper Simon

I don't have a television anymore. Now, I'm not one of those high and mighty television haters or anything. When I moved from El Paso to Portland I could only take what fit in my car. I had to decide between my cat or t.v. and, well, the t.v. refused to cuddle with me. So I took the cat. (And he is awesome)

Then I moved to Korea and I again do not have a t.v. So I ask people what shows I can download and watch here. I end up having huge marathons of these shows. One day, my girlfriend recommended I watch Girls, the Lena Dunham-penned, HBO drama/comedy ("dramedy?") focusing on the lives of a small group of girls in their mid-late 20s. I actually loved watching it, but what first got me hooked was the music. And from the first season soundtrack is where this week's Track of the Week comes from.